DoubleList: Adult Personals ads review


In the United States, DoubleList is one of the biggest classifieds sites, the equivalent of the good place. Except that DoubleList does not just sell pots, clothes or flats. One of the categories that made the success and fortune of the site is the “Adult” category and its subcategories “Escorts” or “Massage”. Little known in France, DoubleList offers many Personals ads in all major cities. Continue reading

3nder app: Dating App for Couples Looking for a Threesome

When in a relationship, it is always difficult to find a third partner for a threesome. This is even more true on the Internet where services are generally based around meetings between two people. To answer this specific request, the 3nder app for iOS has been created. Continue reading

How to choose a good adult dating site?

This is an excellent question to answer. It’s true after all, how to choose an adult dating site? In fact, the choice of adult hookups site will depend on your choice.

Several naughty sites exist on this sector of dating and dating, they all compete for this market. What a band of little rascals! Continue reading

Omegle The Leading Random Chat Site

Do you want to meet new people all the time? Do you like talking to strangers and staying anonymous? Do you want to start or try something new, but do your acquaintances, relatives, and friends take you back to the ones you know? In this case, the alternative to Omegle is for you. Continue reading

Best Dating Apps to Meet French Girls

After our article on dating through mobile phones, here is a selection of applications to install in emergency on your mobile! Whether you are in Android or Apple, there is something for everyone.

It’s up to you to find the one that suits you, and for that, nothing better than to test them! Some applications can even be installed on the shelves … Really enough to delight the most technophiles.

Live Rencontre

Recommended by many singles, this application is a real pearl. Post your ad meeting and you will most certainly be contacted soon.

You can also link your account with your other accounts on different social networks! No discrimination, whether you are lesbian, gay or straight, everyone is known Live Meeting.

This application is very complete and will allow you with a little patience to find very interesting profiles and easily engage the discussion.

Tinder: the most popular app of the moment

Only used on your mobile phone, Tinder rencontre is a novelty that makes a lot of noise among singles … And for good reason, geolocation that is undeniably the big difference compared to other applications.

Moreover, there, you are not asked what are your interests in life and your passions, we just submit photos! Does this young man or woman please you physically? She or he is 300m? Bingo, propose to meet and see if there is a feeling that is created. Continue reading

Tinder Review: the application that changed how we meet online

Tinder is a dating application that can be the best known, on which members come to find love or an ass plan, according to the desires of the moment! His Match system based only on photos (and a little on the description) allows you to sort very quickly. But past the swipe right, what are the meetings worth?

Because of its reputation, Tinder is one of the busiest dating application, so you will not be surprised to see hundreds of profiles near you, with new faces every day. You will certainly meet friends, work acquaintances or neighbors, so be warned! Continue reading

Find a Partner for a Threesome with your Smartphone

2 + 1, or 1 + 2, or 1 + 1 + 1? No, it is not a logical test, but to clarify to the application Feeld your situation. So that Feeld helps you find a menage a trois or a threesome. No, not for a restaurant. For after. Because adoption-type dating apps are completely lame, even the Tinder geolocated drag app is out of date.

Today, to be fashionable, you have to use your smartphone to find a “threesome”. Couple looking for single, single looking couple, or just several singles want to have a good time at 3, the possibilities offered by Feeld are not lacking. Obviously, on the principle of a triangulation love, the application is “gay friendly”. Continue reading

What do You Know About ANDROID?

You probably know Android, at least by name, you know it’s on a lot of phone, but do you really know what it is?

What is Android?

Android, is an operating system (like Windows or MacOS) mobile (not mobile) based on Linux. Redeemed by Google in 2005 and developed by Google, it is the most widely used operating system in the world as it runs on more than 80% of the phones in the world, as most phones use it, whether it’s low-cost phones, or high-end phones, whether it’s Samsung, or Sony, Huawei or Wiko, all brands of phones, at least almost, use Android as the operating system for their product . This is possible because it is an open operating system, so it means that everyone can see, use and modify the source code of Android, unlike iOS, WindowsPhone, etc …

Android is not just an operating system for phones and tablets. It is diversifying year after year, with AndroidTV for televisions, AndroidAuto for cars, and AndroidWear for connected watches. Continue reading

How to Market on Instagram – Instagram Marketing Tips From the Experts

With more than 500 million users, growth that does not stop, and more and more functions, Instagram is truly the platform of choice for brands and companies that want to diversify their way of communicating and their business tools. One could even say that this one has become indispensable, just like can be your Facebook page. But how do you get the best out of it? Here are some tips to help you on Instagram.

The image at the center of communication

At the heart of the Instagram concept, the image is the keystone of your communication on the social network. However, Instagram has changed over time and we can not just post a few photos with filters if we want to get the best from the application! Stories, videos, boomerang videos, live and even visual “storytelling” will be tools to master to hope to win followers. Continue reading

A Web-based tool to program them all

Computer languages ​​allow the creation of sites and applications. Who has never wanted to try out computer programming? But this often requires installations: HTTP server, scripts interpreter, consoles or even “IDE” and other compilers.

When we have access to a computer we do not necessarily have software installation rights, or we simply do not want to install software. Is there a solution to learn without touching his machine from a site? The answer is yes.


Codingground is a site with web interfaces to test and program all kinds of computer languages.

Below is the long list of available languages

Continue reading

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