Tinder Review: the application that changed how we meet online

Tinder is a dating application that can be the best known, on which members come to find love or an ass plan, according to the desires of the moment! His Match system based only on photos (and a little on the description) allows you to sort very quickly. But past the swipe right, what are the meetings worth?

Because of its reputation, Tinder is one of the busiest dating application, so you will not be surprised to see hundreds of profiles near you, with new faces every day. You will certainly meet friends, work acquaintances or neighbors, so be warned!

Tinder Review: the largest user base

The principle is simple: Tinder selects users in your area, according to the distance and selection criteria you have inserted, and offers to scroll them. With a simple swipe of a finger (a swipe in jargon), you indicate whether a member likes you or not. If the member did the same, then it’s a match! and you can start exchanging messages.

In a fast-paced dating market, Tinder has emerged as a revolution. The forerunner of this app is none other than Grindr, a Gay Dating app, and riding on its successful Tinder to federated a huge community. What multiply serious encounters or more naughty?

Let’s see this later in this Tinder review.

Reviews of Tinder and its varied encounters

On Tinder, we can make quite a variety of meetings, although over time, it seems that the plans are more sought after than serious meetings.

We see a lot of pictures of enticing profiles, pec in the air for men, sexy break in the ladies, and we can end up in a bed in good company much faster than we think. Twice, during this test, I started an innocuous conversation with a Match that offered me to meet at her place in the afternoon or evening! You have to be ready at all times.

For dating, it’s more chance that will do things. There are many members, but the descriptions leave little room for defining specific expectations. Therefore, we rely on the photo and we discover, in case of mutual affection, what the other wants during the discussion.

The members are relatively open, quite young (few profiles beyond 40 years) and some are real consumers who come to chain Tinder relations! It’s quite understandable, when we see the pace that we can find on the app.

Let’s discover the prices of this application, which has been free for a long time, before concluding this opinion on Tinder.

Tinder prices and fees: the price of subscriptions

Rest assured, Tinder is an application that is always free! But if before the number of likes a day were unlimited, they are now limited to 50 / day. It is not worse, it avoids spending his day on it and above all it is enough to use Tinder.

The creation of the profile remains totally free.

To take advantage of the paid option, you must switch to Tinder Plus, whose rates are actually variable depending on your country of registration and your age. They range from 2.99 € to 15.99 € / month.

Prices that vary greatly, according to questionable criteria. But it may be a way to keep a young and active population on the app.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tinder

Here’s what I think is positive and less positive about the Tinder dating app.

Strong points

The innovative concept and well exploited
Many encounters easily
Free use without problem
The huge community

Weak points

Rates a little obscure
Young members

My opinion on Tinder

I confirm, with this opinion on Tinder, that this application is indeed one of the best applications of current meetings. It’s simple, everything seems to be easy here.

Profile creation takes only a moment, and will link your Facebook account to Tinder. This is mandatory, but it does not cause anything embarrassing in the end because the application will not publish anything without your consent and will not send any advertising in your back.

Then, it is very important to take the time to build a complete and effective profile. The photos put forward must be irreproachable because they are the ones who will make you match! So choose your profile pictures carefully and write a fun description! Once these 2 elements completed correctly, I multiplied my matches by 10!

Whether you are looking for great love or want to make a lot of naughty encounters, Tinder will satisfy you. In my case, I am rather interested in the plans and I must say that I spent a hectic month, with 5 meetings in the blink of an eye!

Tinder quickly becomes addictive, and we understand why when we see the results! Make yourself a great profile and get started in this great match-based Swipe and Match hunt!

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