Tinder on PC: swipe right from your computer with Tinder Online!

Tinder on PC with Tinder Online!

Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app. It allows to meet singles on your street with a simple swipe. Indeed, Tinder is based on a simple principle: if the physical attraction is reciprocal then no need to go through four paths, especially if the game lives near you. The idea appeals to millions of users: we swim in the subway, at work and before falling asleep anywhere in the world. The formula is a cardboard, yet Tinder suddenly decides to return to the traditional and Tinder launches on PC.

Our society is characterized by an exacerbated mobility: smartphone, tablet or connected watch, absolutely everything is at a finger distance. Whether to check the balance of our online accounts or to buy a bouquet of flowers, there is inevitably an application for that. Tinder had understood this since its inception in 2012 since he was one of the pioneers in application for meetings.
So, would it be nostalgia for the 15-inch format that Tinder decides to return to the PC?

Tinder on PC, how to use this version?

When Tinder was created in 2012, many users already wanted to be able to access computer access. Although the use of smartphones was popularized in 2010, the use of applications is a reflex that took longer before settling.

Tinder on your desktop computer

However, at that time, the most used applications were messaging and social networking applications. Dating apps were still new and singles on the web were used to dating sites rather than apps. In fact, Tinder on PC did not wait for the creation of Tinder Online. It was already possible to use the platform on computer, thanks to the download of Flamite – which no longer exists – or through an Android emulator such as Bluestacks.

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