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The SwingLifestyle community and its welcome. If its many features work in its favor, the Swinging dating site on SwingLifestyle owes a lot to its superb community. It is made up of young inexperienced swingers, backpackers of swingers who have been practicing for years, curious people who are not yet sure why they are attracted to this practice, women looking for renewal in their sexuality, couples who want try something new… And all these different members form a Swinging melting pot that offers its richness to the site.

The most experienced do not hesitate to advise the novices, to direct them to this or that evening, and to guests at private parties to discover the joys of gentle swinging.

The testimonial section we talked about above is really useful here, since it allows you to rate a person or a couple with whom you have shared an experience. So all other SwingLifestyle users will be able to find out how it felt and decide whether or not to act with this member is a good idea.

The SwingLifestyle site and its staff are very attentive to the fact that the profiles are courteous and respectful, and we thus find 99% of good profiles, active and controlled. No bad surprises on this side, and it’s a very good point for the platform.

It is very reassuring to be able to navigate serenely on such a site, knowing that security is essential and that members are checked. Remember that Respect is one of the foundations of Swinging, and it’s very pleasant to know that SwingLifestyle does not renounce this basic principle!

Now it’s time to see the site rates, in the next section of this review on SwingLifestyle.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Swinging SwingLifestyle site (https://swinglifestyle.site)

To summarize a bit the main attractions of this platform, but also its few flaws, here is a list!


The high quality of the profiles
The very successful social network side
3 million members!
The very comprehensive SwingLifestyle agenda
The available functionalities (chat, videos, liveshow …)
The lively and welcoming community

Our impressions on SwingLifestyle, the top of Swingers websites

If the Swinging SwingLifestyle dating site is also popular among the French-speaking swinging community, it is by no means a coincidence. Its reputation, already excellent at the time of Netéchangisme, was not tarnished by the change of name and design, and the site always borders on excellence. Our opinion on SwingLifestyle is therefore very positive.

It’s easy to navigate, use its many features, and interact with members. The social network aspect is a real plus, which makes it possible to no longer be a simple spectator, but also an active full member. You will see that a small comment on a naughty photo, that a Like on a post or that one of your publications can quickly make you meet beautiful people.

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