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In the United States, DoubleList is one of the biggest classifieds sites, the equivalent of the good place. Except that DoubleList does not just sell pots, clothes or flats. One of the categories that made the success and fortune of the site is the “Adult” category and its subcategories “Escorts” or “Massage”. Little known in France, DoubleList offers many Personals ads in all major cities.

DoubleList introduction

In the United States, DoubleList ( is an institution. But a decried institution. While the United States is shaken by numerous cases of kidnapping and sexual slavery, including minors, DoubleList is accused and prosecuted by plaintiffs accusing him of facilitating prostitution (including minors) and of serving as showcase the pimps who use the site to publish the ads of their daughters.

But DoubleList has always been found innocent, claiming that all ads on his site are escorting and do not offer sex for money. To compensate for these controversies, DoubleList funds help centers for underage prostitutes and encourages the removal of their ads when they wish.

DoubleList classifieds

DoubleList is still very little known. The classifieds market is cannibalized by the good corner and his American competitor Craigslis personals and Bedpage is therefore content to decline his site in French without investing in advertising. This lack of notoriety does not prevent it from being used by people who know very well what they are looking for and especially by clients of escorts and masseuses and by the service providers themselves. For the only day of Sunday, September 6, there were several dozen Personals ads for the whole of France and fifteen for massages. Among these announcements we find many independent escorts but also salons that register to promote their offers.

Escorts and prostitution on DoubleList

As on the American site, the difference between escorting and prostitution is very fine on DoubleList France. Most ads are ambiguous and speak simply of “accompaniment”, “moment of relaxation”, “sensuality” … and do not speak of purely sexual benefits. Whatever lies behind these ads we can not really talk about prostitution. On the other hand we also find a lot of very explicit ads that leave no doubt about the presence of prostitutes on DoubleList France. On the opposite announcement is found, in a pretty flowery language, a service proposal clearly comparable to prostitution. DoubleList could therefore be in trouble with the French law on pimping.

DoubleList vs SESTA and FOSTA

It is not for us to say, only a judge can decide on such guilt. We can just think that DoubleList would be better off picking the ads it publishes if it wants to stay quiet about the law after the passing of Sesta and Fosta laws. The crime of procuring can only be characterized with a circulation of money between prostitute and “accused” and DoubleList provides free and paid services. As long as the ad publication is free DoubleList is, a priori, immune. On the other hand, when he takes money to prioritize ads for potentially prostituted escorts, DoubleList puts himself at risk. Of course, on the subject, DoubleList is far from being the most at risk. As long as sites 100% devoted to Personals ads will exist it will probably not appear at the top of the list for a possible sanction.

DoubleList’s fees

For escorts, the announcement is free. However, they can subscribe to paid options to appear in several cities at the same time, to appear first or to see their ad automatically reposted several days in a row. These options usually cost a few cents to a few euros.

For DoubleList customers is free. The most frequently used advertisements include contact details for escorts and masseuses in the clear and it is possible to contact them directly on their mobile phone.

Our opinion on DoubleList Personals

From a legal point of view, we will not have a special opinion because we do not have to have any. If a DoubleList day is continued we will not be particularly surprised but we will not be surprised if it is not. From the customer point of view, however, we can say that the ads seem real, even if some photos submitted by the escorts can be illustrative images, but that girls are not very “upscale” (sorry for the term we did not find better). We find a few similar offers on a site like vivastreet, not very qualitative but it may be suitable for small budgets. Remember, however, that the use of prostitution is in the process of being penalized and that you might be better off staying away from this kind of moderately legal business.


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