Best Dating Apps to Meet French Girls

After our article on dating through mobile phones, here is a selection of applications to install in emergency on your mobile! Whether you are in Android or Apple, there is something for everyone.

It’s up to you to find the one that suits you, and for that, nothing better than to test them! Some applications can even be installed on the shelves … Really enough to delight the most technophiles.

Live Rencontre

Recommended by many singles, this application is a real pearl. Post your ad meeting and you will most certainly be contacted soon.

You can also link your account with your other accounts on different social networks! No discrimination, whether you are lesbian, gay or straight, everyone is known Live Meeting.

This application is very complete and will allow you with a little patience to find very interesting profiles and easily engage the discussion.

Tinder: the most popular app of the moment

Only used on your mobile phone, Tinder rencontre is a novelty that makes a lot of noise among singles … And for good reason, geolocation that is undeniably the big difference compared to other applications.

Moreover, there, you are not asked what are your interests in life and your passions, we just submit photos! Does this young man or woman please you physically? She or he is 300m? Bingo, propose to meet and see if there is a feeling that is created.


An application allowing you to search by region. Flash the profiles that interest you, save your favorites and chat! You will be able to indicate your interests, your preferences and see you propose profiles with the same common points as you. Appointment is available here.

Meetcrunch – Dating & Chat

Singles, Meetcrunch will allow you to make friends like to meet love, the real one! Nearly 800,000 Francophones are registered on this application … Lots of possibilities allow you to sort and filter according to your preferences.

POF – Plentyoffish

Most certainly the application that lists the largest number of registrants! POF allows singles from all over the world to meet … and in particular, to know how far apart they are! 30, 50, 500m? A few steps may separate you from the meeting of your life! Enjoy research by affinity and compatibility and flirt by sending “cuckoo” … But do not be shy, and write a few words!



Many other applications exist … It would be difficult to list them all! But take the time to install them, test them and see if the profiles you are interested in. You can also take advantage of the lightness of the applications in addition to the sites that offer profiles more provided and dense in information!

As we have already mentioned, two different but complementary uses to increase your chances of meeting love!

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