A Web-based tool to program them all

Computer languages ​​allow the creation of sites and applications. Who has never wanted to try out computer programming? But this often requires installations: HTTP server, scripts interpreter, consoles or even “IDE” and other compilers.

When we have access to a computer we do not necessarily have software installation rights, or we simply do not want to install software. Is there a solution to learn without touching his machine from a site? The answer is yes.


Codingground is a site with web interfaces to test and program all kinds of computer languages.

Below is the long list of available languages

The programming and execution interface

The interface varies according to the programming language (web return or “console” return, for example) depending on the usage.

Here the interface to make CSS and HTML5 for example.

But why not JavaScript?

Want to create a program in C ++?

A “bash” script idea for GNU / Linux, Unix or OSX?

The choice is really vast and it’s practical, so to say that if you do not have your own machine this will not prevent you from programming!
But that’s not all !

The site also has many other resources, however to take full advantage of it you will have to master English, a good opportunity to get started!

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