Find a Partner for a Threesome with your Smartphone

2 + 1, or 1 + 2, or 1 + 1 + 1? No, it is not a logical test, but to clarify to the application Feeld your situation. So that Feeld helps you find a menage a trois or a threesome. No, not for a restaurant. For after. Because adoption-type dating apps are completely lame, even the Tinder geolocated drag app is out of date.

Today, to be fashionable, you have to use your smartphone to find a “threesome”. Couple looking for single, single looking couple, or just several singles want to have a good time at 3, the possibilities offered by Feeld are not lacking. Obviously, on the principle of a triangulation love, the application is “gay friendly”. Continue reading

What do You Know About ANDROID?

You probably know Android, at least by name, you know it’s on a lot of phone, but do you really know what it is?

What is Android?

Android, is an operating system (like Windows or MacOS) mobile (not mobile) based on Linux. Redeemed by Google in 2005 and developed by Google, it is the most widely used operating system in the world as it runs on more than 80% of the phones in the world, as most phones use it, whether it’s low-cost phones, or high-end phones, whether it’s Samsung, or Sony, Huawei or Wiko, all brands of phones, at least almost, use Android as the operating system for their product . This is possible because it is an open operating system, so it means that everyone can see, use and modify the source code of Android, unlike iOS, WindowsPhone, etc …

Android is not just an operating system for phones and tablets. It is diversifying year after year, with AndroidTV for televisions, AndroidAuto for cars, and AndroidWear for connected watches. Continue reading

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